WATERMELON - Puff Pro 2%

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Discover the juicy and refreshing flavor of Watermelon - Puff Pro 2%! This e-liquid perfectly captures the sweet and juicy sweetness of watermelon for a delicious vaping experience. Here are the benefits you can expect from this flavor:

1. Juicy and refreshing: Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% offers you a real explosion of freshness in the mouth. The flavor of watermelon is perfectly reproduced, allowing you to savor all the juiciness and freshness of this iconic fruit.

2. Sweetness: Watermelon is loved for its sweetness and delicately sweet taste. Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% captures that sweet sweetness, giving you an indulgent and enjoyable vaping experience.

3. Comforting: The flavor of watermelon is often associated with moments of relaxation and refreshment. Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% will leave you feeling comforted and satisfied with every puff, giving you a relaxing break from your day.

4. Summer season: Watermelon is an emblematic fruit of summer, associated with sunny days and moments of relaxation. Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% will allow you to prolong the summer atmosphere with its refreshing flavor, instantly transporting you to vacation memories and moments of conviviality.

5. Nicotine satisfaction: With a nicotine concentration of 2%, Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% offers you nicotine satisfaction adapted to your needs. You can enjoy a satisfying nicotine hit while savoring the refreshing sweetness of watermelon.

Immerse yourself in the freshness and juicy sweetness of Watermelon - Puff Pro 2% and enjoy a refreshing summer vaping experience. Let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavor of watermelon and enjoy a moment of relaxation and satisfaction with each puff.

Nicotine: 2%
Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

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