About Us

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Company: PUFF Suisse SA - Limited company

Head office: chemin isabelle de Montolieu 117, 1010 - Lausanne


Doss number: 2022/07338

Class number 550-1202284-7

IDE/UID. CHE-402.544.968

Puff Suisse SA works in the field of import-export. We distribute a wide range of disposable electronic cigarettes manufactured under our control with nicotine contents of 2% maximum 2ML of liquid

We strive every day to satisfy our customers by offering them quality products at the lowest prices.
  • We ensure at all stages of the manufacturing of our brands, processing and/or distribution, that legal requirements are respected;
If you wish to obtain further information regarding the registration of our brands or prices for tobacco shops and wholesale distribution companies, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at any time or via the form below , We will be happy to answer you !