WATERMELON - Puff Crystal LED 2%

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Immerse yourself in a wave of freshness with the WATERMELON - Puff 800 LED 2%, an e-cigarette that captures the juicy and refreshing essence of watermelon. This unique vaping device combines fruity flavor and modern technology for an exceptional experience. Here are the key benefits of WATERMELON - Puff 800 LED 2%:

  1. Natural Watermelon Flavor: WATERMELON - Puff 800 LED 2% offers an authentic and succulent watermelon flavor, reminiscent of the juicy and sweet slices of a freshly cut fruit. Each inhalation is a true immersion in the summer sweetness of watermelon.

  2. Innovative LED Effect: This device stands out for its LED effect, adding a touch of modernity and style to each puff. LED illumination makes the vaping experience not only palatable, but also visually appealing.

  3. Optimal Refreshment: WATERMELON flavor is specially designed to provide optimal refreshment, perfect for hot summer days or for a refreshing break at any time of the day.

  4. Extended Capacity: With 800 puffs, the Puff 800 LED 2% WATERMELON offers a long lifespan, allowing you to enjoy your vaping experience for longer without the need to recharge or refill frequently.

  5. Nicotine Control: With a nicotine level of 2%, this product offers a perfect balance for those looking for a vaping experience with moderate nicotine control.

  6. Convenient and Portable Design: The compact and ergonomic design of the WATERMELON - Puff 800 LED 2% makes it easy to carry and use on the go, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of watermelon wherever you go.

Experience the freshness and authentic taste of watermelon with WATERMELON - Puff 800 LED 2%. It is the ideal option for those looking to combine taste pleasure, modern technology and convenience in their vaping routine.

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette with LED Number of Puffs: 800 Battery: Included and Pre-charged

🔞 Warning: Product reserved for adults over 18 years old.