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Soak up tropical exoticism with PASSION FRUIT ICE - Puff 800 LED 2%. This e-cigarette offers a perfect fusion between the intense flavor of passion fruit and a refreshing icy sensation, all enhanced by a captivating LED effect. Discover the strong points of PASSION FRUIT ICE - Puff 800 LED 2%:

  1. Deep Flavor of Iced Passion Fruit: Savor the exotic and tangy aroma of passion fruit, enhanced with icy freshness. Each inhalation is a tropical escape, combining the richness of taste with an invigorating sensation.

  2. Spectacular LED Effect: The built-in LED effect adds a touch of modernity and style to your vaping experience. LED lights illuminate with each puff, creating a visual experience as pleasant as the taste.

  3. Refreshing and Intoxicating Experience: The combination of passion fruit with the icy effect offers a sensation that is both refreshing and intoxicating, perfect for a moment of relaxation or an invigorating break.

  4. Long Life for More Pleasure: Thanks to its capacity of 800 puffs, the PASSION FRUIT ICE - Puff 800 LED 2% ensures prolonged use, allowing you to enjoy your vaping without frequent interruptions.

  5. Balanced Nicotine for a Pleasant Experience: With a nicotine level of 2%, this product is ideal for those seeking a balance between nicotine satisfaction and an exotic and refreshing taste experience.

  6. Practical and Elegant Design: Its ergonomic and compact design makes this e-cigarette easy to transport and use, allowing you to enjoy the tropical flavor of passion fruit wherever you are.

Immerse yourself in the tropical universe with PASSION FRUIT ICE - Puff 800 LED 2%, a vaping experience that combines the exotic flavor of passion fruit with an icy sensation, enhanced by an innovative LED effect.

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette with LED Number of Puffs: 800 Battery: Included and Pre-charged

🔞 Warning: Product intended exclusively for an adult audience over 18 years old.