MINT ICE - Puff Pro 2%

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Discover the frozen freshness of Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2%! This e-liquid offers you a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience with an intense taste of icy mint. Here are the benefits you can expect from this flavor:

1. Intense freshness: Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2% offers you intense freshness from the first inhalation. The icy minty flavor gives you an invigorating feeling of freshness that stimulates your senses and leaves a pleasant mouthfeel.

2. Instant Refreshment: With every puff of Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2%, you will feel instant refreshment. Iced mint refreshes your palate and gives you a long-lasting feeling of freshness, ideal for those times when you need a refreshing break.

3. Soothing sensation: Mint also has soothing and relaxing properties. Vaping Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2% can help you relax and feel calmer, especially after a busy day.

4. Freshens Breath: Mint is known for its refreshing effect on breath. Vaping Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2% can help mask unwanted odors and leave you with fresh, pleasant breath.

5. Flavor Versatility: The flavor of mint is versatile and pairs well with other flavors. Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2% can be vaped alone for a pure ice mint experience or mixed with other flavors to add a touch of freshness to your custom vape creations.

Experience the revitalizing freshness of Mint Ice - Puff Pro 2% and enjoy a refreshing vaping experience that awakens your senses. Whether you're looking to cool down on hot days or unwind after a long day, Mint Ice is the perfect choice for a lasting feeling of freshness.

Nicotine: 2%
Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

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