LUSH ICE - Puff Crystal LED 2%

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Embark on a refreshing and fruity vaping experience with LUSH ICE - Puff 800 LED 2%. This e-cigarette offers a delicious blend of fruity flavors with a touch of icy freshness, enhanced with a dynamic LED effect. Here's what makes LUSH ICE - Puff 800 LED 2% so attractive:

  1. Refreshing Iced Fruit Flavor: LUSH ICE combines juicy, sweet fruit flavors with a refreshing icy sensation, reminiscent of an iced fruit lemonade or fruity sorbet. Each inhalation is an explosion of freshness and softness.

  2. Spectacular LED Effect: The built-in LED effect adds a modern and captivating touch to your vaping experience. With each puff, the LED lights illuminate, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that perfectly complements the flavor.

  3. Long-lasting Icy Sensation: The touch of ice in LUSH ICE ensures persistent freshness, ideal for a refreshing break at any time of the day, especially during hot summer days.

  4. Large Puff Capacity: With 800 puffs available, the LUSH ICE - Puff 800 LED 2% offers extended use, allowing you to enjoy your vaping experience without frequent interruptions for recharging.

  5. Moderate Nicotine for a Perfect Balance: With a nicotine level of 2%, this product is ideal for those seeking a balance between nicotine satisfaction and a flavor-rich vaping experience.

  6. Practical and Modern Design: The ergonomic and compact design of LUSH ICE makes it easy to carry and use, allowing you to enjoy your fruity and icy vaping wherever you are.

Let yourself be seduced by the harmonious and refreshing blend of LUSH ICE - Puff 800 LED 2%, a vaping experience that combines exquisite fruity flavors with an icy sensation, enhanced by an innovative LED effect.

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette with LED Number of Puffs: 800 Battery: Included and Pre-charged

🔞 Warning: This product is strictly reserved for adults over 18 years old.