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Immerse yourself in an exquisite taste experience with Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0%! This vape transports you to a world of intense and refreshing pomegranate flavor, for dense and satisfying clouds. Enjoy this vaping experience without nicotine, without compromising on pleasure. Let yourself be carried away to new horizons and explore the many benefits that this vape offers you. Here is a list of benefits:

1. Intense pomegranate flavor: Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0% offers you a rich and intense pomegranate flavor. Each inhalation gives you a vivid and exquisite taste sensation that awakens your taste buds with each puff.
2. Zero percent nicotine: With a 0% nicotine level, this vape allows you to fully enjoy the flavor without the stimulating effects of nicotine. Ideal for those who prefer a vape without the addition of nicotine.
3. Dense and satisfying clouds: Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0% offers you dense and satisfying clouds of vapor, allowing you to fully enjoy the vaping experience. Each puff gives you a feeling of satisfaction and fullness.
4. Intense freshness: Immerse yourself in a fresh and revitalizing vape with Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0%. The combination of pomegranate gives you a refreshing experience that stimulates your senses and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
5. Ease of Use: The PUFF 800 is designed for convenient, hassle-free use. Simply unwrap it and activate it to immediately enjoy the intense and refreshing flavor of Pomegranate Ice.
6. Smoke-free alternative: Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0% is a smoke-free alternative to pomegranate drinks. You can enjoy this delicious flavor without the hassle of burning or eating too much sugar.

Enjoy an intense and refreshing taste experience with Pomegranate Ice - PUFF 800 0%! Discover a nicotine-free vape that does not compromise pleasure. Let yourself be seduced by the flavor of pomegranate and soar towards new horizons of delight. Explore the many benefits this vape offers you and savor every puff without restraint.

Nicotine: 0%

Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

🔞we do not sell to under 18s