Peach Ice - PUFF 800 0%

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Savor the refreshing sweetness of frozen peach with PUFF 800 0%! This delicious flavor transports you to a world of freshness and smoothness, creating intense and safe vaping sessions. Discover an unforgettable taste experience with each inhalation. Inhale, exhale and enjoy every moment with this delicious e-liquid. Here is a list of the many benefits you can get from it:

1. Delicious Frozen Peach Flavor: PUFF 800 0% gives you a refreshing and sweet frozen peach flavor. Each puff transports you to a paradise of sweetness and freshness, awakening your taste buds with each inhalation.
2. Zero percent nicotine: With a 0% nicotine level, this vape allows you to fully enjoy the flavor without the stimulating effects of nicotine. Ideal for those who prefer a vape without the addition of nicotine.
3. Intense and safe vaping sessions: The PUFF 800 0% offers you intense and safe vaping sessions. You can fully enjoy the vaping experience, savoring the sweet and refreshing flavor of frozen peach, without worrying about the harmful effects of nicotine.
4. Freshness and sweetness: Immerse yourself in a fresh and deliciously sweet vape with the PUFF 800 0%. The combination of frozen peach offers you a balanced taste experience, combining freshness and sweetness.
5. Ease of Use: The PUFF 800 is designed for convenient, hassle-free use. Simply unwrap and activate to immediately enjoy the delicious flavor of frozen peach.
6. Smoke-free: PUFF 800 0% is a smoke-free alternative to eating traditional frozen peaches. You can enjoy this delicious flavor without the hassle of burning or eating too much sugar.

Let yourself be treated to the refreshing sweetness of frozen peach with PUFF 800 0%! Discover an unforgettable taste experience, without the presence of nicotine. Enjoy intense and safe vape sessions, inhaling and exhaling every moment with this delicious e-liquid. Savor every puff, savor every moment without restraint.

Nicotine: 0%

Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

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