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Let yourself be seduced by the exoticism of TROPICAL PUNCH - Puff Max 2%! This e-cigarette invites you to a getaway to tropical islands, offering a unique vaping experience thanks to its sunny and exotic flavors. Here are the strong points of this product which guarantee you an unforgettable vaping experience:

  1. Explosion of Tropical Flavors: TROPICAL PUNCH - Puff Max 2% takes you on a sensory journey with its captivating aromas of tropical fruits. Each inhalation is an invitation to discover rich and varied flavors, reminiscent of fruity cocktails on sunny beaches.

  2. Exotic Fruits in the Spotlight: Enjoy a harmonious combination of tropical fruits, providing natural sweetness and authentic taste. The subtle and varied nuances of this blend evoke a fresh and juicy tropical nectar.

  3. Invigorating Freshness: With TROPICAL PUNCH - Puff Max 2%, each puff is a wave of freshness, perfect for refreshing and invigorating your senses, especially on hot summer days.

  4. Tropical Pleasure, Preserved Health: Experience the joy of the tropics without the inconvenience of sugary drinks. This vape offers a healthier alternative, allowing you to fully enjoy fruity pleasures without compromising your well-being.

  5. Nicotine Control: With a nicotine level of 2%, TROPICAL PUNCH - Switsch Puff gives you the freedom to choose the intensity of your vaping experience, tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

  6. Healthy Alternative to Sweet Snacks: Opt for a more balanced solution to satisfy your sweet cravings. This product is a great alternative to sugary snacks, allowing for a guilt-free indulgence.

Discover the tropical adventure with TROPICAL PUNCH - Puff Max 2%. Let yourself be transported by its fruity and refreshing flavors, and enjoy a new and exhilarating vaping experience. Embark on this unique tropical experience and savor every whiff of this fruity delight!

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette Capacity: 2.0 ml of E-liquid Battery: 550 mAh

🔞 Warning: Product intended for adults over 18 years old.