Strawberry kiwi - Puff Pro 2%

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Immerse yourself in a unique exotic blend of strawberries and kiwis with Puff Pro 2%. Each inhalation is an intense tasting that stimulates your senses and evokes positive emotions. Discover a perfect balance between sweet and refreshing flavors. Get ready to experience a taste adventure with every inhale. Here is a list of the many benefits you can get from it:

1. Exotic Flavor Explosion: Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors with the exquisite blend of juicy strawberries and tangy kiwis, transporting you to exotic lands with every puff.
2. Taste intensity: Savor each inhalation with a taste intensity that awakens your taste buds and gives you unparalleled taste satisfaction.
3. Sweet and fresh balance: Enjoy the sweet balance between the sweet flavors of strawberries and the invigorating freshness of kiwis, creating a taste harmony that will delight you with every vape.
4. Stimulation of positive sensations: Let yourself be carried away by the positive sensations and emotions evoked by this vaping experience, which offers you a pleasant and revitalizing taste escapade.
5. Healthy Alternative: Enjoy the delicious flavor of strawberries and kiwis without the hassle of smoking, providing a healthier option to satisfy your vaping cravings.
6. Taste adventure: Experience a taste adventure with each inhale, exploring the nuances and subtleties of this exotic blend, and let yourself be transported to new horizons of taste pleasure.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste this exotic blend of strawberries and kiwis with Puff Pro 2%. Immerse yourself in an intense vaping experience that will awaken your senses and offer you a unique taste escapade. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and fresh flavors for unforgettable taste satisfaction. Discover a tasty and refreshing alternative to traditional tobacco consumption.

Nicotine: 2%
Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

🔞we do not sell to under 18s