Mojito - Puff Pro 2%

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Discover the intoxicating and refreshing experience of our Mojito Puff Pro 2%! Immerse yourself in the perfect combination of tangy lemon, fresh mint and tropical fruits, and savor each puff with delight. In addition to an exquisite taste, this vapor offers you a low nicotine level of only 2%, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience without the disadvantages associated with a higher dose. Here is a list of the many benefits you can get from it:

1. Exquisite and refreshing taste: Savor the explosion of flavors in our Mojito Puff Pro 2%, where zesty lemon, fresh mint and tropical fruits blend harmoniously to create an exquisite and refreshing taste that will awaken your taste buds.
2. Low nicotine level: Enjoy this vapor with a low nicotine level of only 2%, allowing you to control your nicotine consumption while fully enjoying the vaping experience.
3. Intoxicating Sensation: Let yourself be transported by an intoxicating sensation with every inhalation, where the bright and invigorating flavors provide you with an invigorating and stimulating vaping experience.
4. Tropical Refreshment: Immerse yourself in a tropical oasis with our Mojito Puff Pro 2%, where tropical fruits mingle with the freshness of mint to give you a refreshing vaping experience that evokes vacations and sunny days.
5. Healthier Alternative: Opt for our Mojito Puff Pro 2% as a healthier alternative to drinking alcoholic beverages, allowing you to enjoy the delights of a mojito without the harmful effects of alcohol.
6. Pleasure without the disadvantages: Enjoy pleasure without the disadvantages of burning tobacco, because the vapor does not produce smoke or unpleasant odors. You can therefore enjoy our Mojito Puff Pro 2% with complete peace of mind.

Discover our Mojito Puff Pro 2% now and immerse yourself in an intoxicating and refreshing experience that will awaken your senses and evoke the spirit of summer evenings. Savor each inhalation and let yourself be carried away by the perfect combination of flavors in this exquisite vapor. Enjoy a tasty, nicotine-controlled alternative for a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience.

Nicotine: 2%
Capacity: 2.0ml E-liquid
Battery: 550mAh

🔞we do not sell to under 18s