GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2%

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Savor the fruity elegance of GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2%. This e-cigarette brings the rich flavor of grapes into a convenient vaping format, providing a deliciously aromatic experience. Here's why GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2% is an exceptional choice for lovers of fruity flavors:

  1. Intense Grape Flavor: GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2% delivers an explosion of ripe grape flavor, reminiscent of the juicy sweetness and freshness of freshly picked grape clusters. Each inhalation is an immersion in a sunny vine orchard.

  2. Rich and Aromatic Vape Experience: Enjoy a rich and enveloping vapor, loaded with the sweet and slightly tart aromas of grapes. It’s a vaping experience that awakens the senses and provides immediate satisfaction.

  3. Sweet and Refreshing Pleasure: GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2% is perfect for those looking for a flavor that is both sweet and refreshing, providing the perfect balance for use throughout the day.

  4. Healthy Alternative to Sugary Drinks and Treats: This e-cigarette is an excellent option to replace sugary sodas or sweets. You can indulge your palate with the flavor of grapes without the calories or excess sugar.

  5. Personalized Nicotine Control: With a nicotine level of 2%, GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2% allows you to modulate your nicotine consumption according to your needs, while enjoying an exquisite vaping experience.

  6. Stylish and Practical Design: The modern and compact design of this e-cigarette makes it easy to take anywhere, ensuring that you can enjoy your fruity moment of relaxation wherever you are.

Discover the succulent taste of grapes with GRAPE LUSH - Puff Max 2%. It's the perfect option for a fruity and refreshing getaway, offering a luxurious, flavor-packed vaping experience.

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette Capacity: 2.0 ml of E-liquid Battery: 550 mAh

🔞 Warning: Product reserved for adults over 18 years old.