GRAPE ICE - Puff Max 2%

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Let yourself be transported by the fruity freshness of GRAPE ICE - Puff Max 2%! This avant-garde e-cigarette offers you a unique vaping experience with its rich aroma of frozen grapes, providing an unforgettable vaping session. Here are the strong points of this product which make it an exceptional sensory experience:

Wave of Frosted Grape Flavors: GRAPE ICE - Puff Max 2% takes you into a world of intoxicating flavors, blending the sweet aromas of grapes with a refreshing ice sensation. Each inhalation is a taste journey, reminiscent of the sweetness of a juicy grape coated in freshness.

Perfect Balance Between Sweetness and Freshness: Savor the harmonious combination of the natural taste of grapes and an icy touch. This sophisticated blend offers an authentic and refreshing flavor, like biting into a grape fresh out of the fridge.

Refreshing and Enchanting Experience: With GRAPE ICE - Puff Max 2%, each puff is a blast of icy freshness, perfect for awakening your senses, ideal for hot days or for an invigorating break at any time.

Frosted Pleasure, Respected Health: Enjoy the exquisite taste of iced grapes without the drawbacks of sugary drinks. This vape offers a healthy alternative, allowing you to enjoy fruity and fresh pleasures without harming your well-being.

Tailored Nicotine Mastery: With a nicotine level of 2%, GRAPE ICE - Switsch Puff gives you the flexibility to choose the intensity of your vaping experience, tailored to your personal preferences.

Healthy Alternative to Sweet Snacks: Choose a more balanced option for your sweet cravings. This product is a great alternative to sugary treats, providing a healthy indulgence without the guilt.

Soak up the refreshing and delicious experience of GRAPE ICE - Puff Max 2%. Let yourself be seduced by its frosty grape aromas and enjoy a new and exhilarating vape. Let yourself be tempted by this frozen adventure and savor every whiff of this fruity wonder!

Nicotine: 2% Type: E-cigarette Capacity: 2.0 ml of E-liquid Battery: 550 mAh

🔞 Warning: Product intended for adults over 18 years old.