Welcome to our section dedicated to vape brands! Here we present to you a variety of quality vapes, designed to satisfy every type of vaper. Whatever your preference, whether with or without nicotine, we have the product for you. Discover our flagship brands and the specificities of each category below.

Puff Plus 800 2% Nic

The Puff 800 is a ready-to-use, disposable vape that delivers a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience. Each vape contains a dose of 2% nicotine, perfect for former smokers or vapers looking for a nicotine dose. With a long-lasting built-in battery, 2.0ml E-liquid capacity, and compact design, it's ideal for vaping on the go.


Switsch 900 2% Nic

The Switsch 900 offers a unique vaping sensation with a concentration of 2% nicotine. It captures authentic flavors while providing nicotine satisfaction. Each inhalation promises a refreshing sensation, transporting the user to a summer paradise. With a capacity of 2.0 ml of E-liquid and a robust 550mAh battery, this vape guarantees a prolonged vaping experience.


Switsch Pro 2% Nic

Switsch Pro 2% offers an unforgettable tropical vaping experience. Perfect for those seeking an exotic sensation, each puff awakens your senses. It also offers a nicotine level of 2%, for a personalized vaping experience. Its 2.0 ml E-liquid capacity and 550mAh battery ensure a long-lasting and satisfying vape, whatever the time of day.


Switsch Zero Nicotine

For those who prefer a vape without nicotine, the Switsch Zero is the ideal solution. While providing a flavor-rich vaping experience, it contains no traces of nicotine. It is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the pure taste without the effects of nicotine. Its 2.0 ml E-liquid capacity and integrated battery also guarantee a prolonged vaping session.


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